14th to 20th century furniture restoration

Restration of inlays


French polishing

Carving restoration


Furniture/ object


Woodworm treatment

Integraion of missing parts






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Born in Germany, Lars Stamm honed his craft as a carpenter in Bavaria. In 1996 he moved to Florence, Italy where he attended the world-renowned School of Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli. There he developed his skill working with wooden artefacts dating from the 16th to the 19th century. His studies included; the history of furniture, inlaying techniques, woodcarving, gilding and decoration, as well as the application of various fine finishes.

Working as Professor Cipriani’s assistant at Palazzo Spinelli, alongside a prestigious internship at the workshop of Marchi e Giannini, helped cement Lars Stamm’s expertise and network. Lars Stamm holds strong connections with Europe’s most respected and well-known art dealers and artisans.

Career highlights include gild restoration at the monastery of St. Andrew on Mount Athos, Greece. In 2000 Lars Stamm opened his own workshop in the heart of Milan, Europe’s design capital. Here his work ranges between antique wood restoration and 20th century artefacts. Lars Stamm has earned himself the reputation of one of the best in his field. His clients include private commissions and esteemed design galleries. In conjunction, Lars Stamm holds a longstanding collaboration with ACRAM restoration school, in Milan.

“With over 20 years of experience, it remains a privilege to work on some of the world’s most unique pieces and engineer the transformation that restores them to their former beauty. For me restoration goes beyond fixing that which is broken, it is a way to honour life and ways of the past.”